About Us

Who is INVA?

Inva is hands on investment management valuation company which is utilizing Investment according to clients’ needs and expectations. “We walk the talk”, are words from our CEO, Mr. Vuthy Cheng. From our experiences in real estate sector, we identify that many real estate companies do not understand the need of the clients and customer service needed in order to insure clients satisfaction. We are the group of individuals which each of us have expertise in it own department. We do believe in teamwork and by saying this, we really mean so. INVA was established because of this reason, to offer our best to the market. “Each individual is our potential client, with low or high budget, it doesn't matter as we are giving to people investment opportunities.”


We are providing our professional to protect risk of property to our clients.
Our local consultants know, that real estate is more than a house structure or a land;
It is a community of people that are SHARING and MANAGING INVESTMENTS.


SHARING knowledge, CARING for your TODAY and TOMORROW   

Core Value


We are results oriented and are guided by the highest standard of professional ethics.


Quality and Excellence are our credit.


We value teamwork


We never fail to meet deadlines.


We always look for ways of doing things differently to satisfy our customers

Licenses & Certificates